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In the fall of 2017, The Honey Stop was renamed BEEZ Hives N Honey to better reflect our support and service to the recreational beekeeping community.

We continue to offer the highest quality honey available anywhere in the valley.

The Honey Stop opened in December 2012 as a small specialty honey shop. We feature truly local raw honey produced in small apiaries along the Wasatch Front. We also offer unique varietal honeys from around the country, which we invite you to sample and compare when you visit the shop. Propolis, royal jelly, pollen and wax are also available, as well as various small gifts and other bee themed merchandise. Miniature jars of honey make excellent wedding favors and corporate gifts, and we can customize them with your choice of label and decor.


The Honey Stop is proudly beekeeper-owned. In addition to honey, we serve as a supplier of locally manufactured hive boxes, bottoms and covers. We also offer hive packages and a full complement of components and accessories from other quality producers, such as Mann Lake and Brushy Mountain. Throughout spring and summer we have a limited number of queens available, some from local stock and others from premier queen breeders around the country that select for disease resistance and anti-varroa characteristics. Package bees are available from January through March, and nucs go on sale in April. If you're a beginner, call about private instruction or beginner group classes. We also offer all levels of support to area beekeepers. Please visit our                  page. 

The Honey Stop storefront salt lake city

1st LOCATION - 159 E 800 S

DEC 2012 - DEC 2015

The Honey Stop salt lake city storefron lierty park
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 2nd LOCATION - 1314 S 500 E

 JAN 2016 - AUG 2017

 3rd LOCATION - 2607 STATE

  SEP 2017 - PRESENT