Beez Hives and Honey began in 2012 as a specialty honey shop called The Honey Stop. We continue to feature truly local raw honey produced in backyards and small apiaries along the Wasatch Front. Propolis, pollen and wax are also available. Miniature jars of honey make excellent wedding favors or corporate gifts. 

Beez is proudly beekeeper-owned and offers the full range of beekeeping equipment and supplies, package bees, queens and nucs. Classes and mentoring opportunities are also available. We strive to provide all levels of support to backyard beekeepers.
Talking bees & beekeeping with Salt Lake County's apiary inspector.
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The Honey Stop storefront salt lake city
The Honey Stop salt lake city storefron lierty park
beez hives n honey storefont in salt lake ciy

1st LOCATION - 159 E 800 S
DEC 2012 - DEC 2015

 2nd LOCATION - 1314 S 500 E
 JAN 2016 - AUG 2017

 3rd LOCATION - 2607 STATE
  SEP 2017 - PRESENT